Style Wars

Style Wars is a two-player game that tests the player’s reaction and speed. The game is simple and only consists of a game unit with an integrated camera, speakers and a score-keeping system. The game functions as follows: The two players prepare for battle standing face-to-face with the game unit on a table between them. One of the players starts the game by holding his or her hand in front of the camera for 3 sec. The start theme will commence and the game is on!

Style Wars from CIID on Vimeo

The players listen for a single gunshot. When the shot is fired, the first one to draw (put their hand in front of the camera) wins that round. To win the game, a player win 3 times without false drawing (this deducts a point). Each time a player wins (or loses) a sound is played according to the winning players team (e.g. Hip Hop or Flamenco). The winning player will then move a score point to his or her team on the game unit.