Confetti Time

No Panic is a java game (realized with processing by Alessandro Filippi and Chiara Toncich) where the player has to annihilate countdown displays popping out at an ever-increasing pace. As the player misses them, the display get “flooded” by a virtual tide.

Confetti Time push that experience further into the real world: as you miss to kill the evil counters you get blown by confetti. The more counters you miss one after another, the more confetti the game is throwing you. This arises interesting questions: are you having fun with a game or is the game making fun of you the way a naughty friend would in Carnival time?

The software can be downladed for free: confetti and vacuum cleaning service are provided on a monthly basis for a reasonable subscription fee.

By Silvia Basso x Valeria Donati x Alessandro Filippi x Roberto Milazzi