Thank you for SMOGging

Thank you for SMOGging is ambient installation which gives the sens of begin in to the smog of four Citys. The smog will come from below in order that people feels the pollution as macro particle.
The user is allowed to select month, day, hours and quarter of an hour through an interactive interface. Small pieces of polystyrene will blow from the floor with the same intencity of the percentual of recorded smog in that selected moment.

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This is the result of a one day work during the Phisical Computing Workshop. We started to research some Rss Feed which could provide real time data of percentual of smog in to the air of a city. Since we didn’t find any satisfy Rss Feed, we decided to use an array related to the smog in London donwloaded by

Our prototype tries to show the difference of three following quarter of hours. We used a hairdryer, a trasparent sheet and polystyrene.

By Silvia Boscolo, Alessandra Ferragina, Erika Rossi, Maria Chiara Toncich