Interacting with the Internet of things

Video By Marco Mion

In the last 25 years the internet connected 3 billion people with profound implications on the world as we see it today. “the internet of things” is a term often used of describe the connectivity of physical objects to the internet and their ability to communicate with other humans, objects and machines. Participants of this workshop will learn how to design systems which allows humans to connect digitally with everyday objects in a given scenario. The workshop will expose the participants to methods of design thinking, physical computing and data mining. “learning by doing” allows participants to rapidly produce prototypes while learning how to design innovative pattern of interactions in context which the physical world and digital media are interconnected. In practice participants will be asked to design a working system that both functions and communicates. Not just what it is and how to use it but what it means to people. 

“There is a language of architecture, of products, of graphic communication that people may not be conscious of but they read it. Is there yet a language of interaction design?”
(Gillian Crampton Smith)

1st degree

We will talk about: data, design, botanical plants, internet of things.
You might learn: design thinking, physical computing, machine vision, mobile technology.
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2nd degree

We will talk about: data, user centered design, face recognition, beacons, design ethics, internet of things.
You might learn: design thinking, data mining, rapid prototyping, experience design, mobile technology.
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* in collaboration with Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Experienced in product innovation, human-computer interaction and human-centred design. For the last two decades I’ve specialized in crafting digital experiences, physical objects, real life products and other forms of digital media for Industry, Academia and Government. When possible I am teaching design theory in the field of digital technology and acting as an active independent video game developer, publisher and entrepreneur.